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move to Columbus

Moving from Dayton to Columbus

So you’re moving 70 miles up I-70, from Dayton to Columbus. What can you expect upon your arrival in the heart of Ohio? Take in the following tidbits, and you’ll

Moving to Centerville

Thinking of Moving to Centerville, OH

Centerville is a city in Montgomery County, OH. It’s a core suburb of Dayton and the home of 24,240 people. Centerville Population & Demographics The median age of Centerville residents

Switching Schools After a Move

Switching Schools After Moving To Ohio

Moving can be a long, involved process comprised of many steps. While you may be familiar with the requirements for moving, including hiring a reputable moving company like American Way

Springboro OH

Thinking of Moving to Springboro, OH

ULTIMATE Living in Springboro, OH The city is located between Dayton and Cincinnati. Springboro was founded in 1815 as a Quaker Community by Jonathan Wright of Pennsylvania. The area is

moving to riverside oh

Living in Riverside, OH

THINKING OF MOVING TO RIVERSIDE, OH Riverside is a western city in Ohio about 4 miles east of Dayton. It is home to the National Museum of the US Air