American Way Van & Storage Team

The American Way Team

Robert Vann

robert vann americanway

Robert is President and founder of American Way Van & Storage Inc. Robert started his moving career in 1978  as a local mover with a large local moving company. Robert then went on to driving and relocating customers for the number one carrier at that time. Robert logged over a million and half miles and relocated several thousand families during this time. Robert and his wife Diana had three children during this period and in 1989 Robert decided being away from the family for such long periods of time relocating families was not something he wanted to do anymore. Robert stated his children were growing up and he was missing those precious moments. Robert and Diana started American Way Van & Storage on a shoe string budget and two trucks but had a goal to make it one of the largest movers in the Ohio area. When starting American Way in 1989 Robert and Diana knew they needed a carrier that related to the values and mission statements established by American Way Van & Storage. There was only one carrier who fit the requirements of understanding that we are relocating families and not just furniture. That carrier was National Van Lines.  A relationship was established and is still in place today. Robert has taken his and Diana’s goal of making their company one of the largest in Ohio and turned that goal into a reality. Today American Way Van & Storage has  35 trucks in its fleet  and has achieved every award  that is available in the industry not once but numerous times. This has been under the leadership of Robert and he is proud to state this is only the beginning.

Diana Vann

diana vann americanway

Diana is Vice President of the company and started in the moving industry in 1978 while co-driving with her husband loading and delivering household goods across the country. She has shared the same experiences that Robert has shared since 1978. Diana has also shared the same goals which has made American Way Van & Storage the company it is today. Diana has held many positions with American Way Van & Storage since 1989 as of today she is the Director of Sales and Marketing. Diana’s main duty is to assure each and every customer receives a Stress Free relocation.

Curtis Hornsby

curtis hornsby americanway

Curtis has over 30 years experience in the moving industry. Curtis has worked for some of the largest Relocation companies and also some of the smallest. Curtis does in-home electronic surveys and works closely with the operations department in scheduling their relocations. Curtis’ motto is “At Your Service” and he lives by that motto.

Adam Vann

adam van americanway

Adam’s first experience in the moving industry was during the summer months while in high school and worked full time when out of high school in 2001. Adam spent many miles on the road with his father and brother doing relocations in all 48 states for one of the largest interstate carriers today.  Adam is also the nephew of Robert and Diana. Adam manages the operations department which works with scheduling of men and equipment to assure our customer’s receives a Stress Free relocation. Adam has held this position since 2006 and has performed this job with exceptional results.

Melinda Newport


Melinda (Mindy) Newport has been a relocation consultant that is always considered on a mission. That mission is what does it take to make the customer happy.  Mindy started with our company in the customer service department and showed such promise that she immediately moved up in the ranks and worked herself into the sales position she is holding today. With Mindy starting off in the customer service arena she has the unique perspective of what it took to make sure the relocation from start to finish was not only economical but what it took to make sure the customer was more than 100% satisfied.  She has now took that perspective and utilizes it daily in her sales presentation and  goes above and beyond to make sure the customer receives the service they are paying for.

Jimmy Larson

jimmy larson americanway

Jimmy Larson is the son-in-law of Robert and Diana. Jimmy holds the position of Safety Director. Jimmy is responsible for truck inspections, daily logs,  truck maintenance, driver qualifications to name a few. Jimmy’s  responsibility is to make sure that each and every piece of equipment and drivers are  up to D.O.T. standards we have in place today and what is expected in the future. Jimmy takes his job very seriously and understands we are not a trucking company but a moving company moving families.

Thomas Vann

thomas vann americanway

Thomas has held many positions with our company including but not limited to what he loved the most being the Director of Sales & Marketing for Internet Services. Thomas is responsible for web design, daily lead monitoring, database structuring, and network monitoring to name a few. Thomas’ responsibility is to assure the savvy computer customer who elects to utilize internet services has that service at their disposal 24/7. The software for these services changes on a day to day basis which keeps Thomas very much engaged to assure these service are always available. Thomas known for loving challenges has now taken on additional role of Relocation Consultant. Part of Thomas’s responsibility in Director of Sales was in house sales which he was outstanding at. However Thomas loves to be with people and work directly with people so he has now decided to show his very capable ability to work directly with our customers and do whatever he can to make sure the customer is receiving what has been requested and expected but done as economical as humanly possible.

Eric Wright


Eric grew up in Massillon, Ohio and went to college at the University of Kentucky. Eric comes to our sales department with a unique perspective. Eric started at American Way Van & Storage as a packer and local driver – then progressed up the ladder to an over-the-road driver. Eric after a few years thought it was time that he try another position in the moving industry and after working in the warehouse, training crews to pack/load trucks he then got a promotion into the sales arena. Eric has been in the sales department for the past 13 years and has progressed very well achieving many goals that was presented to him, maintaining an excellent customer service rating which has grown his client list exponentially since taking on the sales challenge.