Moving for Love and What to Expect in Ohio

It’s February: Love is in the air in Ohio, and you’re considering moving in with the one you love.

This is an exciting prospect, but one fraught with potential peril. Just ask the lovesick stars of the “Moving for Love” TV show. Once you move in with your beloved, will you be struck by Cupid’s arrow, or will your new love nest become Heartbreak Hotel? Before you find yourself looking for love in all the wrong places, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you on sound financial footing? Yes, our list is off to an unromantic start, but we’re trying to think logically here. Make sure you have a firm grasp on your personal finances, and initiate a discussion with your partner about your financial plan as a couple. How will you pay for groceries? What will each of you contribute to your new household? It’s best to reach an understanding up front. While you’re at it, decide how you’ll split moving costs. Call American Way Van & Storage or visit com for a free quote.
  • Are you moving to a community you both like? Maybe you’re moving away from family for love. Don’t relocate to a city you hate. Ohio is full of delightful communities. Work together to find one you can envision becoming home.
  • What’s your backup plan? Another unromantic topic here, but an important one. There is always a chance, however small, that the move-in – and the relationship – won’t work out. Create a plan for yourself, and for the two of you as a couple, laying out what would happen in the event of a breakup. Agree on the front end how you would divide property and debts. Now, not later, is the time to reach an understanding.
  • Do you agree on a vision for the future? Don’t move for love unless you’re heading the same direction. While there are practical (financial) advantages to cohabitating, this decision should be about the direction of the relationship. Is this a step toward marriage? Do you envision having children together? Might you one day move together to a different city? These are all questions you should answer together before the move-in, so you know what to expect.
  • What can you do by yourself in your new city? Sure, you two will enjoy walks together, breakfast in bed and movies on the couch. But you also need to preserve your independent identities. Consider where you will spend your “alone time” in your adopted downtown. Whether it’s a coffee shop, theater or gym, you’ll need your own destinations.

Arriving at answers to these questions before you cohabitate will mean you don’t ask yourself “Will I regret moving for love?” Is moving in together the right move for your relationship? Your answers to the questions above should tell you all you need to know during this Valentine season.

Once you’re sure you’re ready and moving February, line up a top-notch professional moving crew from American Way Van & Storage. Call 937-898-7294 or fill out our online form for your free moving quote.

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