How to Change Your Locks After You Move

You’ve been handed the keys to your new Ohio home, and you’re all moved in. You’re sure everything’s fine, but … you can’t silence that nagging voice in your head reminding you that you’d feel safer if you changed the locks.

It’s wise to change locks when you buy a house. But money is tight after the move, and you can’t afford the average Dayton locksmith. Besides, you don’t yet know who you can trust in your new community. Why not turn over the job to a trusted person who will do the work for free? Yourself!

Changing a door lock barrel is a quick, inexpensive way to acquire peace of mind. It requires little skill and no tools but a screwdriver. Locks can be purchased for as little as $15 at hardware stores, and installed in fewer than 15 minutes. Here’s how to change a door lockset, do-it-yourself style.

  1. Measure the door

Before you change the lock, measure the space where you’ll install the replacement. Measure the diameter of current lock so you can select a new door lock that fits.

On older doors, thickness can be an issue. Some doors are less than 1 3/8 inches thick, the minimum size modern locksets will accommodate. To address this, add a custom cut plate or a door reinforcer.

  1. Buy a new lock

Most basic dead bolt kits include a key lock cylinder, deadbolt assembly, interior turn assembly, steel strike plate and mounting hardware.

Be sure to select a lock with the same setback. Many new lock sets allow you to adjust the latch.

  1. Remove the old lock

Remove the two bolts in the turn assembly plate and the turn plate assembly itself. Then pull the deadbolt lock assembly free. You should be able to see through the hole in the door.

  1. Remove the old deadbolt

Look at the deadbolt plate on the side of the door and locate the two screw heads holding it in place. Remove the screws and pull the dead bolt out of the door.

  1. Insert a new deadbolt

Now you are going to now do everything in reverse.

When installing a deadbolt, note the orientation of the parts. It is important to install the new deadbolt facing up. Most new deadbolts are labeled with the word “up” on the side which is supposed to be facing up, which makes this easier.

Once oriented, insert the deadbolt into the door and use the included short woodscrews to fasten it in place.

  1. Insert a new deadbolt lock

Insert the bar protruding from the new deadbolt lock through the channel in the deadbolt itself. Position the lock mechanism such that the keyhole is vertically aligned.

On the opposite side, insert the bar into the channel in the back of the turn assembly plate. Orient the turn assembly plate such that its top side is at the top.

Twist the knob on the turn assembly to expose the bolt holes. Use the included bolts to fasten the key assembly and the turn assembly together.

  1. Test the new lock

Once the new lock is in place, test it out – with the door still open – using both the interior turn assembly and the key lock.

Once you are sure it is working, test both with the door closed.

Assuming that they are both still working, you have changed the lock DIY style. Enjoy the security of your new home!

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