There are two NFL teams that call this state home. And even the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. There are so many big cities in Ohio, but which one is growing the fastest?


With help for the US Census Bureau, here’s a look at how the population boom is taking off in some of the state’s largest cities — including one that has more than doubled in size in the last decade.

5. Amelia

Part of the sprawling landscape that is Cincinnati, Amelia has been part of a boom from 2010 to 2020. Over the last decade there were 7,789 people who moved here. That’s a 162% increase. The population is now 12,575. The average home in the city sold for $253,000 in 2022, and many people in the city work in nearby Cincinnati with an average commute time of 29.8 minutes.

4. Cincinnati

One of the more diverse cities in the state, Cincinnati is seeing an increase in population with 9,152 more people in the last decade. That’s a 3% increase.

The average income here did grow to $42,633. That’s almost 5% in one year.

The area is diverse with 48.2% White, 41.1% Black and 3.68% Asian. There are a lot of job opportunities in this city with health care and retail leading the way.One of the appeals to the city is the vast amount of things to do, including restaurants, sports and entertainment.

3. Hilliard

A very nice suburb of Columbus, this city has a lot going for it. The average household income is $102,283, and the average home sold for $340,000 in 2022. Hilliard is a very affordable place to live. In the last decade, 9,609 people were added to the population—a 34.9% increase! The biggest employers here are health care and education. This also is a city for people looking to start a family. There are 61% of people who are married here and more than 70% of people own a home.

2. Dublin

Another suburb of Columbus, Dublin is a city that is booming. There were 10,083 people who moved here in the last decade. That’s a 25.7% increase.

The city also has a very high average income compared to the rest of the United States. The average income is $138,372. That rivals cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The average home sold for $485,000 last month, and 75% of people own a home. Health care and technology services are the largest employers here. Dublin is a diverse place with 70% White, 19.9% Asian and 2.74% Hispanic population.

1. Columbus

The city and all its suburbs are seeing a boom in people moving here. Columbus saw 135,341 people move to the city in the last decade—an increase of 17.69% in ten years! The population is on the verge of more than a million. The average household income is $54,902, and the average home sold for $252,000 in 2022. It is a very diverse city with a population make up of 54.3% White, 28.9% Black and 4% Asian.

There are many things to do in the city, including the Center for Science and Industry. And you can take in a Big Ten football game at the Horseshoe where the Ohio State Buckeyes play.


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