You just moved cross country. Now what?

After You Move Guide

Congratulations, you did it. You tackled the planning and overcame the stress of moving, avoided a moving scam and you’re in a new city. You have new people to meet and places to discover. You’re ready to jump in with both feet!

But first you have to deal with all those boxes you just lugged down the Interstate. Ugh.

What you need is a trusted service whose staff will sweat the small stuff while you smell the roses. You need cross-country movers.

A simple Internet search will help you find a reputable moving company who will unpack those boxes for you, sparing you lower back pain and ensuring peace of mind. Top moving companies come equipped with supplies designed to protect and store your cherished items. Those same companies will reimburse you if anything breaks. This is the best way to move across country.

Moving in the summer? Check out this guide from our partners at McCarthy Transfer!

So, you’ve hired movers. Your work here is done, right? Not quite. There are a few things to take care of to ensure move-in day goes smoothly. Check out this checklist for moving cross country:

Before your furniture and boxes arrive

A brief to-do list for moving:

Examine every entry point. Do the window and door locks work? This might be your last chance to report anything that needs replacement or repair.

Find and test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Change the batteries while you’re at it.

Call us crazy, but we recommend checking every faucet, outlet, breaker box, meter, water heater, air conditioner, fridge, security system, oven and range. Turn them on an off to ensure they’re in working order. Find the water shutoff valves inside your new home and out. Again, report any problems.

Clean a little, but don’t go overboard. Moving is a messy process. You’ll need to clean more you’ve unpacked. For now, wipe away dust and give yourself a clean working environment for move-in day.

If you’ve chosen a professional moving company, they should be communicating clear plans for the day. You just need to list where your items need to go. What can we say? It’s best to come prepared with a check list for moving out of state.

Once the unpacking starts

As your items are offloaded from the moving van, check them off the list. In addition to verifying inventory, it’s a good idea to record visible damage. (Pro tip on moving across country: Labeling boxes in advance makes it easier for movers to help you put things in their proper place.)

Take a few minutes to review these 50+ packing and moving tips. Start with this one: Create an “essentials kit” – everyday plates/silverware/cups, a pet’s dish, a child’s favorite toy – and place those items in a box marked “Open First.” This will get your new household up and running before unpacking is complete.

Then focus on large furniture pieces such as beds and tables. Making certain you have places to eat dinner and crash after move-in day is a priority.

After move-in day

Chances are you won’t get everything wrapped up in a day. For the short term, ensure your new home is safe for small children and pets. Block off areas as needed, at least until everything is put away and safe.

Remember details such as updating your driver’s license and insurance records with your new address. Premiums can change based on your ZIP code.

Surveying your new (or new-to-you) appliances is an ideal opportunity to establish a maintenance checklist. Create a log for when each will require service and, eventually, replacement.

Exploring your new environment

OK, enough adulting. You’ve completed all your moving checklists. It’s time to embrace the adventure of moving to a new place! Chances are you’ve already checked out the neighborhood online, but sometimes there’s no substitute for a walk or drive.

A neighborhood stroll could present the opportunity to meet neighbors and ask them about the local restaurants and amenities. You might also get the low-down on repair services and medical care nearby.

When you’re ready to start planning your move, the professional movers at American Way Van & Storage are ready to help! You can request your free moving quote online or call us at 800-726-1631 to speak with one of our moving professionals. Because we are a National Van Lines agent, we have offices throughout the United States. If you need moving services out side of ohio, click here.


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