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Riverside is a western city in Ohio about 4 miles east of Dayton. It is home to the National Museum of the US Air Force and the area’s history is connected to Dayton that was founded by one of the signers of the US Constitution. Riverside is located 45 miles north east of Cincinnati, and the city was incorporated in 1995. There are 24 parks that are spread out over the city.



In 2019, the population of Riverside was 25,093. If you are wondering if Riverside, OH is an expensive place to live, it is actually really affordable. The median home value in Riverside is $90,300, and the city is growing. In 2019, the city saw more than a 4% growth in home values.

The city’s diversity consists of 77.4% white and 10% Black residents. The population also is made up of 4% multiracial and 3% Asian residents.

Being close to Dayton that has a high crime rate, you might be wondering if Riverside is a safe city. Yes it is. The crime rate is 2.2 times lower than the national average.

Married couples also account for 47.2% of households in Riverside.



If you are considering moving to Ohio, you might be thinking how far your money will go. Well, Riverside is a very affordable option for you. There are many things you should consider while moving to Riverside including the affordable price of homes at $90,300 for an average place. And with the median household income of $48,626, there are options for finding the perfect fit for you.

One thing also to consider is that property taxes are between $2,000 and $3,000 a year.

The average rental costs in Riverside is $993 per month.

People in Riverside also have an average commute of 18 minutes.



The weather in Riverside, OH is typical of this area of the country. There are 179 days of sun, if you are looking for that. But it also offers all the seasons to enjoy. The city has 17 inches of snow each year, which is not a lot but enough to enjoy. They also are slightly higher than the national average in rainfall with 41 inches a year. The average is 38. July is the hottest month with an average high temperature of 85 degrees.

Looking for a place with no snow? Check out Rancho San Diego, CA!



With a large city like Dayton only minutes away, and Cincinnati less than an hour’s drive, there are so many things to take in while in Riverside. Here is a look at a few things to check out:


National Museum of the US Air Force

museum of the US Air Force

If you ever wondered what it looks like inside Air Force One that former presidents used, here is your chance to step inside. At the National Museum of the US Airforce you can see all sorts of Air Force memorabilia, including a Space Shuttle. And the best part of this stop is that admission is free.

1100 Spaatz St., Wright-Patterson AFB, OH


Dayton Art Institute

dayton art institute

Only minutes away from Riverside is the Dayton Art Institute and the opportunity to truly appreciate art.

456 Belmonte Park N, Dayton, OH 45405


Other things to see in Riverside, OH





Salar Restaurant and Lounge

Try some Peruvian food at Salar Restaurant and Lounge!

400 E 5th St., Dayton


Joe’s Pizzeria

Joe’s Pizzeria has been a popular place for pizza, subs and more.

4313 Airway Rd. Dayton


Check out what Riverside has to offer by looking at the map below.


Riverside is located in Montgomery County. Its Zip Code is 45431. Its elevation is 738 feet.

The city is 9.7 square miles and is located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Riverside is 600 miles from New York City and 957 miles from Orlando.



You may wonder what jobs are available in Riverside.

The most popular jobs in the city are in the healthcare industry. In fact, that accounts for 16% of all jobs here. Also, manufacturing and retail are some of the top fields of work in Riverside. But with Dayton only minutes away, those same job opportunities are there.

With an average commute of 18 minutes, many residents in Riverside are choosing to commute solo to work with 88% of people choosing to do so. Only 6% of people in Riverside are carpooling to work.

If you decide to commute to Dayton for work, your drive will be a breeze. The 4 miles only takes an average of 13 minutes.

About 14.2% of those living in Riverside are at the poverty line, which is slightly lower than the stage average of 14.9%.


Looking for employment in Riverside, OH, click here for an Indeed link to jobs in the area. Some of the most popular jobs are in health care, laborers, order fillers, food workers and teachers.

While there are plenty of sales jobs in the city, people have a wide variety of choices with so many cities nearby.




Riverside Local Schools ranks well in the state. Melridge Elementary ranks the highest.

There are also plenty of colleges and universities to pick from while living in Riverside. The University of Dayton is close by, and Wright State and Sinclair Community College are also options. Mechanical engineering and marketing and finance are the most popular degrees at the university.



Pro: Low cost of living and near a large metropolitan area with Dayton minutes away.

Pro: Many jobs in the health care field.

Con: The average median income is below $50,000 a year.


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