How Far in Advance Should I Book My Mover

Most people are transient. Very rare is the individual who does not move several times within their lifetime. Some people move because of purchasing a new home, while others might move for a job relocation. Regardless of the objective, equally rare is the individual who enjoys having to move.

There are a lot of hills to climb when a move becomes imminent. First, you must figure out when it’s the right time to find a mover. You also have to concern yourself with the average cost to move because it could affect your finances. That is certainly true of the cost to move cross-country.

With so much on your plate, having to prepare to move will never be a convenient process.

Distance Matters

If you are planning to move a few streets over, the process should be fairly easy. It is a lot easier to book a mover for local moving. Local moving options are more affordable.
Put thought into planning and budgeting the average cost of moving cross country. Cross-country moving happens with a job change or after accepting that first job out of college. What you will find as you plan an out-of-state move is the cost to move cross-country is higher. Also, coordination with long-distance movers can be complicated.

As a rule of thumb, you will want to give yourself about four to six weeks, if possible, to plan an out-of-state move. Two weeks advance notice should be plenty for a local move.

Time of Year Matters

Whether you realize it or not, the time of year you move matters. During the winter, preparing to move more tedious, especially if you have to dodge weather conditions. The good news is it is much easier to plan a cross-country move because of the higher availability of movers, especially long-distance movers.

If you are looking to move in the summertime, you will encounter more competition for a company. When kids are out of school, families like to move. Based on the supply and demand model, it’s fair to assume the cost to move cross country will be higher in the summertime.

The Best Time Book a Mover and Why

As was stated above, you should try to set up a mover about six to eight weeks in advance if possible. Of course, that might not be possible if that new employer demands your presence in short order. If that happens, you will have to do the best you can. Giving a mover short notice could increase the cost of moving cross-country.

For what it’s worth, trying to book a mover more than eight weeks in advance might be overkill. It leaves too much of an opportunity for the changing of plans.
You should note there are excellent reasons you need to allow as much time as possible for the entire planning process. As a point of reference, here are at least four advantages you might get from proactive planning:
• Increased likelihood you will get the dates you desire
• You will have a solid target around when to start packing for a move
• More likely to find the best options (most experienced and professional workers)
• Some companies reward proactive clients with better rates

How to Pick the Right Mover

As you prepare to move, you need to consider the value of everything you are moving. Considering the time and effort you have put into accumulating your belongings, and you want a mover that will take good care of your stuff and provide you with the best service possible.
Here are 8 tips related to selecting a mover:
1. Get recommendations and referrals from family and friends
2. Do online researching on possible service providers
3. Do interviews and get quotes from at least three companies
4. Inquire about assistance packing for a move
5. Check possible companies for proper licensing and certifications. The BBB is a great resource.
6. Select the company that makes you feel comfortable and confident
7. Get a written contract that lays out all costs and the move date
8. Never give a deposit to your long-distance mover. A reputable mover will have all your belongings; you don’t need to pay a deposit to hold your date. That would be a moving broker, and they will farm-out your move to unknown sources. Be on alert for anything fishy.

Whether it’s a chance to buy a new home or for a job relocation, there is something good waiting for you at the other end of the line. Many people are moving to places with a lower cost of living or to be closer to family. For that reason, you don’t want to let this process stress you out.

As long as you plan everything out well in advance, you will find it’s less likely you will encounter problems. Rare is the move that goes with a hitch or two, but planning will always be your best friend.


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