Tips for Relocating Your Dayton Business or Office

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In addition to planning and preparation, putting together a team of the right people is vital to efficiently managing office relocation, and this includes both internal and external members. Everyone on your staff plays a role, leading up to the most significant factor – hiring the pro movers!

Here are some tips to help you organize a successful business move!

Delegating Office Moving Duties to Employees

  1. Have a New Office Layout Planned and Come Up With a Timeline

    Having notified all the teams of the scheduled relocation, start with space planning by obtaining all possible information on the new premises. This includes dimensions and floor layouts as well as vital elements such as major work zones, electrical setup and storage spaces.

    Keeping each team’s nature of work and your current office layout in mind, begin designing a layout for the new space. Pick volunteers from each division and form a dedicated moving team who can assist you with both ideas and feedback.

    Also, don’t forget to jot down a list of potential areas that need repair or must be revamped so that you have time to make necessary provisions. Considering the scope of work, set a moving timeline and budget and make sure that these goals are communicated loud and clear with everyone in the company.

  2. Assign Tasks

    The first step towards ensuring a seamless office transition is delegating tasks and responsibilities to each team. Work with your moving team to create a thorough task list and schedule them according to their priority and time required in completion.

    Now that you have a clear to-do list, evaluate each task, and decide what is best performed by your employees or specific departments. For example, each employee should maintain a digital record of their work, which may involve scanning documents routinely. Each department’s supervisor must also oversee that their team members responsibly wind up their work and pack up their desks on time.

  3. Monitor the Progress

    Your moving schedule should also include conducting team meetings at defined intervals. Creating a well-communicated process will help you keep track of the progress and ensure that the challenges of each employee are being addressed properly. Any flaws in communication at any stage of an office move can lead to wasted time and effort.

How to Hire Professional Office Movers

Moving a commercial setup to a new location has a lot more to it than what meets the eyes. An ill-planned move can mean delayed deliveries, misplaced important documents, and disrupted operations for several months. However, appointing the right moving company that specializes in commercial and industrial relocation projects will ensure that your relocation management is all squared away!

Do your due diligence in finding out your moving company’s experience and the reliability of their moving crew. Also, have them access your moving needs and solicit a realistic quote to understand what services you will be paying for!

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