Tips for Moving to a New Apartment

Use these simple tips to make your next apartment move easier.
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Moving is never fun, but many of the headaches associated with moving to a new place can be prevented by planning for the big move ahead of time. Here is a round-up of the best moving hacks that can remove anxiety and keep your move easy and organized!

Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

  • The key to a successful move is meticulous prep-work. Start early and create your checklist of all the tasks involved in your move as well as the important tools and supplies to perform them.
  • Survey every room and sort unwanted items. If your new apartment doesn’t have a lawn, your lawnmower doesn’t need to tag along with you!
  • Let the clutter go! Prepare a garage sale or donate items that can be of value to others. If you’re still left with unwanted items, make storage arrangements.
  • Decide carefully between hiring a professional packaging and moving company or recruiting your friends and family.
  • Book your moving truck in advance (if you choose not to use your own vehicle) and do an inspection. Don’t forget to reserve a parking spot!
  • Make arrangements for pets and kids to ensure their safety. Ask a trusted family member to watch them for you.
  • Buy your packaging boxes, bubble wrap and other necessary supplies beforehand. The more, the better!
  • Begin early and pack smart. Always pack room-by-room and be careful around valuables and antiques.
  • Prevent your fragile items from breaking by packing them with pillows and other soft items.
  • Packing your clothes on hangers can save you time in your new home as you can then quickly unpack, unfold and rehang them in the closet.
  • Label the boxes not just by their content details but also by their destination in your new home and reduce the time spent unpacking.
  • Put your camera to work and click snaps of boxes before you seal them up with tape. Also, take pictures of items that need to be reassembled so that you don’t take a lot of time setting them up again.
  • Prepare a cooler on the day before you are scheduled to relocate. Stock easy-to-grab food items and plenty of drinks to stay hydrated throughout the day.

A Few Must-Do Tasks to Take Care of Before the Big Move

  • Get the final readings and transfer all the utilities.
  • Read the lease and follow the move-out protocols.
  • Get to know your routes to and from work.
  • Remember to do a thorough clean-up before moving out or hire a cleaning company.
  • Get your security deposit funds back.
  • Update your new address with the post office.
  • Save each and every bill and document. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Leave all the keys with the property manager.

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