Is Corporate Relocation in Your Future? Tips & Tricks to Make the Move Easier

Learn the tips and tricks for preparing for the big move – corporate relocation can be easy.
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What happens when corporate relocation is in your future? Finding a place to call home in a new city can be both thrilling and daunting. Use these helpful tips and tricks to make your move easier with relocation reimbursement, professional movers, and storage solutions.

Learn If
Your Employer Offers a Relocation Package

First of
all, meet with your Human Resources department to inquire about relocation
expense reimbursement. Large companies often provide reimbursement benefits
when they declare it necessary to physically reside in a new city to perform
your job duties. Negotiate your employer’s relocation package to navigate this
expensive burden. Then, choose a residence (short or long term), create a
moving checklist, and secure professional movers.

As part of the relocation package, some companies offer house hunting excursions in advance of the move. As was the case in the past, the higher the level of stature in the company, the more desirable and more inclusive their package options.In today’s workforce, however, Millennials are adept at travel and are flexible in their pursuits. In this global economy, generous corporate relocation assistance is not uncommon.

a Moving Checklist

Employees who choose to move for their job can benefit from the organization of a moving checklist. Working with a checklist ensures details of the move are not missed. Purge when possible, contact financial institutions, schools, and healthcare facilities, and secure movers. Take inventory of all that will be moved into the new residence and eliminate everything that is not necessary. Keeping less will make packing and shipping much easier.

places of your change of address, such as your bank and utility companies. Be
sure to forward medical records to new providers, refill prescriptions, and
research moving companies unless this aspect is handled by your employer.

Hire a
Moving Company and Storage Solutions

Some large
companies recommend a trusted moving team when relocating an individual or
their family. Even if not handled by your employer, you should go about hiring
a team of experienced movers. It is imperative that your furniture and precious
items are treated with care and transported by workers with integrity.
Professional movers can pack your belongings and also unpack them once you
reach your destination. Determine your needs, book your moving company, and
decide if you’ll need a storage solution.

In the case where you must start working prior to moving into your new home or before your belongings are delivered, container storage may be helpful. Once your container is packed with your goods, it will be sent to a facility with a controlled environment, where your items will remain secure in the interim. With the convenience of storage, you can manage your wardrobe and necessities before the actual move. Contact the professionals at American Way Van & Storage, Inc. to ensure that your corporate relocation is a seamless transition. Dayton, Ohio’s best relocation service offers a free estimate when you fill out their online form or call the team at [phone]. We make your move easy!

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