How Much Does a Local Move Cost in Dayton, OH?

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When you’re planning for a local move in Dayton, OH, the cost is going to be a big factor in selecting a moving company. You want to know exactly what you’re paying for professional moving services, packing supplies, and transportation. Unfortunately, it’s tough to say for sure exactly how much your move will cost, as there are factors to consider. These factors include the size of your move, distance, and labor requirements, among other things. You can at least start preparing today, then you’ll be ready for your big local move.

Local Moving Costs in Dayton, OH

The national average for a local move is right around $2,300 for a team of four movers. That equates to $200 per hour, give or take, depending on the company you choose and their current prices. Of course, if you have more possessions or heavier items, then you’ll need a bigger team of movers, a bigger truck, and increased moving insurance.

To determine the cost of your local move in Dayton, OH, you’ll need to narrow down the factors involved. These factors include labor costs, extra services such as packing or furniture assembly, and your packing supplies. You should always ask your chosen moving company what add-ons they include in the price or are available for an additional cost.

Hourly Rates When Moving

Packing and moving an entire home is a lot of hard, strenuous work. If you plan on packing yourself, then you’re looking at hours of sweaty, back-breaking work. But, by hiring professionals, you’re spending more money on the move but getting the job done right without any risk of injury to yourself. A professional mover is trained and equipped to handle big loads. They can transport furniture, navigate stairwells, and successfully load a truck for maximum capacity.

For this level of service, you can expect to pay an hourly rate. Most moving companies will quote you for the entire job. In their records, they break down this quote based on any add-ons you’ve requested and the hourly rate of their moving team.

Here are a few hourly rate averages:

  • For two movers and a single truck, expect to pay around $100 an hour.
  • For three movers with a single truck, expect to pay $145 per hour.
  • For four movers and two trucks, you’ll pay around $200 per hour.

Along with these hourly rates, most moving services also have service fees included and insurance options to keep you covered and protected. These are both additional costs that are added on to your total price. You’ll want to check with the moving company to see what fees they include.

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