Tips for Avoiding Fraudulent Moving Companies

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Avoiding fraudulent moving companies is probably the most important aspect of choosing a professional mover to help you relocate. So, it is in your best interest to do your best to get all the necessary information on how to do it. There are several things that reliable moving companies have in common. Similarly, there are certain red flags that unreliable moving companies should raise with you. However, those red flags are hard to notice in case that you have insufficient experience to see them at first sight. Following are the tips on avoiding fraudulent moving companies. Follow them and you will probably be fine. Choose to ignore them or simply overlook them, and your move can turn into a disaster. Right now, you hold your future in your hands. Therefore, you should make sure to move the right way.

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Trust is very important for hiring reliable movers

What to pay attention to when avoiding fraudulent moving companies

In order to make sure that you understand what a moving company should offer to do and what kind of service it is supposed to be providing you with, we are going to showcase what you should expect from a moving company. In the case that a moving company of your liking tries to avoid any of the following steps, you should simply walk away. Negotiating what is not negotiable should be the red flag that we mentioned earlier.

In order to protect yourself from a moving fraud, pay attention to the following aspects of the moving offer:

  • Price that is too low
  • Free estimate at a cost
  • Unprofessional communication
  • Lack of credentials
  • Unreliable moving reviews
  • Large deposit

A price that is too low

The moving industry has certain price standards that do not vary too much across the country. While moving costs can be calculated in advance, different services will cost differently. Furthermore, moving within Wyoming and within California are not going to be priced the same way. The local economy, the influx of people, intracity migrations and the moving distance all play a major role when the price of the move is being calculated.

However, while different moving companies may have different moving rates, they should not be light years apart. You should expect reasonable differences in the price. If one offer seems to be too good to be true, it is probably because it is. So, do not turn into easy bait. Do your due diligence and hire only trustworthy movers. There are many other ways to cut moving expenses.

Free estimates should be free

Free estimates have become a standard in the moving industry. Reliable moving companies across the country, such as Columbus movers, will make sure that you receive your moving estimate free of charge. If your preferred mover tries to get you to sign the contract without providing you with this service, you should think twice whether you should hire that moving company in particular.

If you are avoiding fraudulent moving companies, do not choose the cheapest ones
Price should not be the main factor when choosing a moving company

Unprofessional communication

Another thing that you should be looking for in a long distance moving company Dayton OH is professional communication on all levels. No matter whether you are talking to an associate who came over to conduct an inspection which will lead to providing you with a free estimate or to the customer care agent or a member of the moving crew on the day of your move, you should make sure that the communication with the moving company is as professional as it can be. Reliable moving companies are aware of the reputation that they have obtained. Furthermore, they know what they needed to do in order to create a desirable reputation for themselves. They will do everything possible to keep it intact. Such are the companies that you should be hiring.

The lack of credentials

A local moving company Dayton OH that has been in the business for some time and that takes business seriously will have obtained all the reliable credentials available on the market. Some of those include membership in the American Moving and Storage AssociationBetter Business Bureau rating can also give away a lot of information. Lastly, every reliable mover will be registered with the local moving authority. These can differ among the states. However, on the national level, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the one to check the DOT number with. So, one of the moving tips that we are going to provide you with is to examine credentials carefully.

Moving reviews and unreliable moving reviews can help you with avoiding fraudulent moving companies

The internet is a powerful tool that we get to use today. Online reviews are just a few clicks away. Both the good ones and the bad ones. So, make sure to take this tool and use it to your benefit.

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Online reviews may be fake

Given the fact that the internet is so accessible to everyone, we should have expected unreliable online reviews to appear. Obviously, there are some companies that will do everything in their power to make as much money as possible and then more. They choose to post fake online reviews. They use profiles that seem legit, but they are not really.

The biggest issue that you will have in this segment is how to spot a fake online review. Open your eyes and do not let the kind words of a mover drag you into a moving nightmare.

A large deposit

Deposits, in general, are considered a red flag. If a moving company asks you to leave any kind of deposit in advance, walk away. No reliable moving company will ask you for money before they complete the deal. Leaving deposits, especially cash, is one of the signs that there might be something wrong with the way that a moving company does business. Therefore, you should be making sure that you’re avoiding fraudulent moving companies by hiring only those that do not require deposits of any kind.

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