The Hidden Costs of a Long-Distance Move in Dayton, OH

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Moving is an expensive ordeal, and at some point your life, you’ll probably have to organize a long distance move. It’s important to know that even with the most reputable company and precise estimates, there are going to be some hidden costs involved. These can present themselves along the way to your new destination.

Here are some of the potential hidden costs of a long-distance move. Knowing about them ahead of time will help you feel more financially prepared.

The Unexpected

Even with the most orchestrated move, things can and will go wrong at some point. With this in mind, it is important to factor the unexpected into your budget, or at least have some sort of cushion. The longer a move takes, the more you’ll have to pay for transportation. For instance, one flat tire can set you back a day, which causes you to pay for another day of rentals.

There could also be problems once you arrive at the house. There may be an appliance issue, electrical concern, or structural problem that wasn’t caught in the inspection. All in all, it’s safe to assume that you’ll end up spending more than you initially thought on your move, so make sure you leave room in your budget for surprise expenses.

The Need for Storage and Rent

When the unexpected happens, you may need to put some of your belongings in storage before you can move into your new place. Maybe construction on the building is taking too long or you encounter some kind of hold up. You’ll need to budget for a storage unit just in case. According to U.S. News, for a climate-controlled (which you want) 10 feet by 20-foot storage unit, you can anticipate paying $170+ a month. This cost may vary based on location, size, and other factors.

The Things You Need to Replace

Fortunately, you can often stagger some of your replacement needs like drivers licenses, license plates, and gym memberships by a couple of months. Still, you’re going to need food, cleaning supplies, and more necessities immediately upon arrival. You should make sure you get your utilities and their payment sorted as soon as possible, too.

American Way Van & Storage Can Help You With Your Next Move

At American Way Van & Storage, we can help with your next long-distance move. From the initial estimate to the final move-in day at your new place, our experienced team will be there for you every step of the way. Contact us today at 937-898-7294. We are based in Dayton and are ready for any kind of move you need.

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