Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving to Ohio

Illustration of the state of Ohio. American Way Van & Storage.
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At American Way Van & Storage, we are very proud to call Ohio the home of our moving company, and we always want to tell others about all of its wonderful traits. We are positioned in the heart of the nation, have genuine Midwestern charm, and offer an incomparable culture we believe anyone would be proud to be a part of. Here are some practical things to keep in mind before making the decision to move to Ohio.

Comparable Job Market

In Ohio, we have a comparable job market that has something for everyone. If you are willing to search for it, you can uncover an incredible opportunity. We have a slower growth rate in terms of population, which is typical for a midwestern state. In 2018, the state of Ohio’s unemployment rate was 4.7%, and is reported to be continually in decline. In 2009 it was 10.8%, which profoundly reinforces the strengthening of Ohio’s economy. If you work in the medical field, it is reported that there is an especially high number of potential positions.

Decent Housing and Cost of Living

Despite being a slower-paced state in population growth, Ohio has a lot to offer in the variety of places to live. The best part is that housing is affordable; the median price of homes sold across the state is $133,700. Average apartment rent for a one-bedroom? $579 per month, depending of course, on where it is located. It has been calculated that a single adult’s cost of living is only $10.75 an hour in the state of Ohio, and overall, you are going to have a lot more money in your pocket should you choose to make this move.

Enlist the Help of American Way Van & Storage

We are not only proud Ohioans who would love to welcome you to our state, but we would also like to help get you here. Whether you are moving your home or office to a city in Ohio, we are the commercial and residential moving team you can trust to get the job done. If you are interested in getting a free estimate on the cost of your move, fill out our form online or call us today at 937-898-7294. We are based in Dayton and serve multiple surrounding cities.

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