6 Tips for Moving in the Heat of Summer

Moving in the heat of summer might not be ideal, but sometimes it must be done. The important thing is to use caution, as sometimes overdoing it in hot, humid conditions leads to heat exhaustion or heat stroke, and that can quickly cause problems. Here’s some tips and tricks for making a hot move during the next few months go smoothly.

1. Try to get as much done as possible in the early-morning hours. Temperatures are usually at their coolest when the sun is hiding, so try to schedule the bulk of your move right after sunrise. Mid-afternoon is the hottest time of day, so avoid doing the hardest work during those hours.

2. Hydrate and wear sunscreen. Nothing makes moving day more stressful than dehydration or a blistering sunburn. Take care of your body to stay in good shape for the remainder of the move.

3. Wear lightweight, breathable clothing. You know you’ll be running around in the sun and sweating, so dress like it. Wear clothes that are appropriate for the situation, and don a ball cap or brimmed hat to protect your head and face from UV rays.

4. Make sure the AC in your new home is already running. The last thing you want is to start unloading all of your boxes in the heat, then walk into a stuffy, sweltering house!

5. First unpack those items that don’t hold up well in the heat. Be strategic while unloading boxes. Some of your belongings will be able to withstand the heat of a hot moving truck much longer than others.

6. Watch for signs of overheating. During the hottest months, it’s very common for people to experience heat-related illness. It’s extremely important to watch for dangerous signs like these – nausea, dizziness, cramps, weakness, or fevers. If someone of any age seems to be suffering from any of these, have them cool down, rest, and drink plenty of water. Restore electrolytes by having some fruit instead of a sugar-loaded beverage. Sometimes medical attention may be necessary.

But there is a “best way” to protect yourself during a hot summer move! Hire a reputable, well-trained moving company like American Way Van & Storage. Not only will they handle all the heavy lifting, they’ll ensure that your move is conducted as quickly and painlessly as possible. Make your summer relocation as easy as possible! Call American Way today at (937) 898-7294.

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